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by Rabbi Uri Elinson

Certified Mohel, Circumcision Specialist

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The Bris

The ceremony is both joyous and solemn.  It is an opportunity for the father and mother to thank G-d for their new born child, and to honour their own parents & relatives to participate in their happy occasion.

The ceremony begins with the baby being carried into the room on a pillow and carefully placed on a designated chair - called The Chair of Elijah (Kiseh shel Eliyahu). 

At this point I will recite some verses and a short prayer for the welfare of the baby. The baby is then placed on the lap of the Godfather (Hebrew - Sandek), the person who holds the baby for the actual Bris, and now the actual  circumcision is performed. 

The baby is then cuddled and then some blessings are recited in which the baby is given his Jewish name.  The baby is then carried back to his mother for a well deserved feed!  

The whole ceremony is over quite quickly and takes no more than a few minutes.

I will check the baby after the Bris and show you how to change his nappy and care for him, which is quite straight forward.  I do not leave until I am 100% satisfied.  I will continue to call as long as required and I am always available if you have any concerns.

Traditional Izmal - circa 1850