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by Rabbi Uri Elinson

Certified Mohel, Circumcision Specialist

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The following items will be required for the Bris and subsequent aftercare.  I suggest you print this page for easy reference.

6 pampers

1 pillow

2 prayer shawls

1 bottle of Palwin or Kedem Kosher sweet wine - preferably white.

2 chairs and a small table (standard height)

From the chemist:-

2 sterile dressing packs (drug tariff specification No. 10 or 35)

10 packets of sterile gauze swabs 7.5cm (50 in total)

1 disposable changing mat

1 small square of KALTOSTAT

1 small bottle of olive oil

1 large tub of Sudocrem

Prior Instructions

  1. 1.In the evening or morning before please give your baby a bath but do not apply any cream or lotion afterwards.

  2. 2.The baby should be fed about 1 hour before the Bris.

  3. 3.Please arrange 2 chairs & a standard height table where there is plenty of light.

  4. 4.Relax !