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by Rabbi Uri Elinson

Certified Mohel, Circumcision Specialist

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The purpose of this site is to give you some information about Brismilah (Bris or Brit for short), and to help you prepare for your own son’s Bris.

For almost 4000 years, since our forefather Abraham, the Jewish people have observed the commandment of circumcision as the fundamental sign of the covenant between G-d and the Jewish people.  It is considered much more than a simple medical procedure.   Brismilah is the ultimate affirmation of Jewish identity.

When & Where ?

The Bris of a healthy baby should be done on the 8th day, during daylight hours (between sunrise and sunset). There are circumstances when the Bris is delayed beyond the 8th day and I will advise you accordingly. The most common reason for a delay is due to the baby being severely jaundiced.

The Bris can be held anywhere of your choice, but is usually held in the comfort of the baby’s home or Synagogue.

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